Self-portrait of Noukka Signe at her desk
The Basics

I’m a Dutch digital designer and photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born and raised in Amsterdam, I graduated from Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. My interest in media and communication started when I fell in love with photography at age 13. After saving up for my own camera, I started sharing my photography on DeviantART and Flickr. During my study, I specialized in Creative Industries, did a Minor in Photojournalism and was active on the event committee in our student organization where I organized our monthly parties and found guest speakers for educational talks.


I’ve lived in Berlin for five months, doing an internship at Someone & Sons as a web designer. During my study I started working at Triple, working on projects for RTL, Vodafone, Telenet and on Triple’s own products like SpotOn – from 2015 to 2017. After Triple, I joined Resoluut as a Visual Designer working for clients such as Loyens & Loeff, OHRA, NN and ING Netherlands. I’m also a freelance photographer on the side, creating creative imagery for stock agencies or doing portrait shoots with local entrepreneurs and artists. Currently I’m a Product Designer at Klarna in Sweden.

What I do

Now I’ve specialized in concept design and (mobile) UI/UX design, while I’m developing my skills in motion graphics and branding. The Adobe Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom), Sketch, Principle, and Invision are my best buddies. I especially love translating your brand values to the digital world, adding details and bringing your brand to life. I believe in the power of storytelling, interaction and excellent user experience, and using these to build a better relationship with your users and/or clients.

I value using my skills for a better world. Brands or projects with a cause can make my heart beat faster.

The little things

Fun fact: I prefer Android phones and too many times I’m the only designer around who does.

I collect way too many fonts. (Shoutout to Typeface 2 for making managing them easier.)

I love stationery and can get very excited about getting a new notebook or pen. So much so that I found a home in the Bullet Journal community. But because I’m not one for drawing, I went the minimalist way. Now I’m sort of accidentally managing an Instagram account with 120k followers. I guess you could say I also like planning and adding structure to the chaos (but not too much, I like a little chaos).

I also love old cameras and collect them, preferably cheap and pre-1960. They’re displayed in between my books. The best is if they still work and I can actually take photos with them.

Each year around Christmas I reread the entire Harry Potter series. Also, besides the Harry Potter series, all my other books are organized by color in my bookcase.

Good coffee and good tea are pretty important to me. Life’s too short for yucky coffee or boring tea. I’ve got a collection of jars filled with different loose leaf tea and I’ll make you a fan if you’ll let me.

See my CV.