May 2024


Senior Product Designer at Klarna in Berlin. I’m working on creating great experiences within the Klarna ecosystem.

Some previous work? See how we’ve helped people to save more of their money in Sweden and Germany. And check out this Medium article about signing up for the Klarna Card in Germany. Sweet!

Other projects

  • I’ve started using my sewing machine and successfully refreshed my bean bag chair with a cozy new cover.
  • My Eras Tour show is coming up, so I’m making friendship bracelets.
  • I am sporadically uploading to Flickr again and experimenting with my new little Ricoh camera.
  • I bought a Cricut Joy last year and have been making birthday cards and gift tags so far. It’s frustrating but fun 🙂
  • I have two photos available in the Kolla x Stockholm collection. Check out ‘Colors of Stockholm’ and ‘No. 7’. You can buy these!

Fun stuff

  • Reading – My e-reader is always in my bag. Follow me on Goodreads or The Storygraph. I also regularly join a local book club for dinner discussions.
  • Aeropress brews & discovering Berlins many coffee roasters.
  • I love my dance classes, switching it up between modern, hip-hop, and contemporary.
  • I have, dangerously, gotten into vinyl records, so I’m slowly making sure I get the ones I love dearly. Two recent wins were the RSD releases Oh Wonder (so shiny!) and The Paper Kites.
  • Cycling always makes me happy, but being Dutch, this is mostly functional. It’s also when I do my best thinking.
  • Gaming. If my friends aren’t available, I’m creating memories in Season: A Letter to the Future or building my island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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