Last update: June 2018


Visual Designer at and freelance photographer on the side.
Resoluut Project: ING Netherlands, Mobile Banking and Payments apps.
Design Special Mentions: I dove into the world of XML files to ensure the quality of our icons on Android (and wrote about it on Medium). I’m also collaborating with our other designers to bring our current Design System to a next level, ensuring consistency and improving the workflow for all of us. Accessibility is super important for a banking app (or, any app), so I’m also exploring how we can make the app more accessible while keeping the brand personality in there.

Other Projects:
  • I’ve been trying to keep up with #DailyUI but the reality is that I’ll probably batch design them anyway.
  • I have this idea for Lettering & Leaves – combining hand-lettering and drawing leaves – to practice my skills. I’ve collected the types of leaves for each letter, but haven’t started yet.
  • Wallpaper Wednesday: I share a free wallpaper each week on my blog.
  • @simplyproductivity – a Bullet Journal Instagram where I share my own and feature other minimalist Bullet Journals.
  • I really need to fix my photography blog because it broke down – Transferring everything over is a lot of work though.
  • I’ve been traveling a lot lately to visit my family more because I just became an auntie for the second and third time (LOVE!).
Other stuff I like:
  • Being active in the design community – I’m in a couple of Slack communities and try to engage on Dribbble, Twitter & Medium.
  • Being active in the photography community – This is mostly on Facebook (Groups) & Instagram
  • Being active in the Bullet Journal community – mostly Facebook (Groups) & Instagram as well
  • Reading – I try to switch between fiction and non-fiction books. Non-fiction books are often in the “self-improvement” genre.
  • Tea – I’ve fallen in love with loose leaf tea and am now a tea snob. Sorry, not sorry.
  • Yoga, dancing and wall climbing.
  • Cycling always makes me happy, but being Dutch, this is mostly functional. It’s also when I do my best thinking.
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