April, 2020


Senior Product Designer at Klarna in Berlin. I’m working on creating great experiences within the Klarna ecosystem. More specifically, getting people to save more of their money.

Some previous work? Check out this Medium article about signing up for the Klarna Card in Germany. Sweet!

Other Projects:
  • Making Berlin my new home after moving here from Stockholm – all the while a worldwide pandemic is going on. Strange times.
  • Lots and lots of walking around my neighborhood, because it’s basically the only thing to do.
  • Wallpaper Wednesday: I occasionally share a free wallpaper on my blog.
  • @simplyproductivity – a Bullet Journal Instagram where I share my own and feature other minimalist Bullet Journals.
  • After sorting out my poetry collection, I’m now slowly adding new ones with the idea of creating a little poetry bundle at the end of the year.
  • I have two photos available in the Kolla x Stockholm collection. Check out ‘Colors of Stockholm’ and ‘No. 7’. You can buy these!
Other stuff I like:
  • Being active in the design community – I’m in a couple of Slack communities and try to engage on Dribbble, Twitter & Medium.
  • Being active in the photography community – This is mostly on Facebook (Groups) & Instagram
  • Being active in the Bullet Journal community – mostly Facebook (Groups) & Instagram as well
  • Reading – My e-reader is always in my bag.
  • Aeropress brews & discovering Berlins many coffee roasters.
  • Yoga, dancing, and home workouts because of the pandemic.
  • Cycling always makes me happy, but being Dutch, this is mostly functional. It’s also when I do my best thinking.
  • Gaming, I finally bought myself a console in 2021 and gaming together with friends is my new favorite activity. If my friends aren’t available, I’m exploring the Harry Potter Lego world trying to get 100%.
This is a “Now” page based on Derek Siver’s idea. See