RTL XL app

Triple and Wunder worked together on rebranding the RTL XL brand and platform. The new RTL XL needed to connect people with their favorite shows. RTL XL is friendly, personal and lively. It was Triple’s job to apply the new brand to the mobile platforms and develop a new app for Android as well as iOS. I collaborated with Milko Klos and the rest of the team in the final stages before launching the new brand and app, taking over as Lead Designer during Milko’s vacation.

By the time I joined the project, Milko had laid down the structure and foundational design of the app for all the platforms. I worked with him to finish the newer screens and all the details, and most of all, bring the new brand into the app. I focused on incorporating the colors into the app, design feature priming screens, and adding motion graphics. Users are able to pick their own color for the app, besides the white or rainbow gradient, so I decided which colors this should be and how they would be used. I also worked on feature screens, like the Connect flow or the Buy Premium flow. Besides that, I worked on motion concepts, like adding quotes to the tiles, the loading animation and the connect animation.

As this was one of my first bigger projects, the challenge lay mostly in managing the overview during Milko’s absence and having the confidence to make decisions. We worked at the RTL Nederland offices once a week with the internal team and the Triple developers. The developers and I worked closely to ensure all the screens were right and the animations worked as I intended them to.

After the initial launch, we kept a close watch on user analytics and tests to improve the app. For example, we learnt that iOS users didn’t use the Floating Action Button (a Material Design pattern), so we removed it from the iOS apps and improved the structure so it was a more familiar pattern to them.