ING Banking App




While working at Resoluut, I supported ING Netherlands 4 days a week in-house with their banking app.

We were a team of 4 designers: 2 UX and 2 Visual. Our manager would set priorities on which development teams to support. As a design team, we often worked on projects in pairs for an ongoing collaborative workflow.

The team at ING was slowly working on building a design system, but it was in the early stages back then. Their brand guidelines were clear and helpful.

The following sections are short descriptions of some of the projects I worked on with them.

Customizing push notifications

The challenge

ING had one global setting for all push notifications. This wasn’t great for the user, as some notifications are more important than others. We had to provide them with different types of notifications while having one category that they couldn’t turn off.


As a first step, we wanted to make sure they understood we would have to ask system permission and that more settings would show once you did.

When permission was given, there was one category for security updates and payment approval (real-time) notifications that they could not turn off. Other than that, we had standard categories (like payment requests) and customized categories: you may not want to be notified of every outgoing payment (like a coffee you pay for with your card) but set an amount threshold for it (like that 100 € annual subscription you forgot about).

Search filters

The challenge

ING wanted to include search filters in their transactions search to help users find their transactions more easily.


There were quite some technical constraints with this project. From the time it takes to complete a search, to the parameters available. We worked closely with the engineers and product manager to figure out what was and wasn’t, possible. The final result was pill-shaped filters with more options in a half-panel and using native solutions such as the Android calendar solution and Apple date picker to make it a familiar experience.

Future-proofing their icon set

The challenge

They wanted to move from using an icon font to using Android’s native Android VectorDrawables (XML files). Using Android VectorDrawables is more future-proof, more predictable, and less hassle than an icon font.

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