Klarna Festgeld+

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Launch a fixed-term savings account in Germany.


Product designer in a cross-functional team. Collaboration with Product, Engineering, Content Design, Legal, and other designers.





Project summary

From nothing to a live product

Challenge 1

Integrate seamlessly with our expanding banking features in a future-proof way.

Challenge 2

Build a product good enough to replace our existing third-party solution.

To solve the first challenge, we held a design sprint with the different banking teams to create a holistic vision of the Klarna Bank Account. With 3 product managers, 3 designers, 2 content designers, and 1 marketeer, we spent a week on a Miro board to bring it all together.

Then, with our learnings from Sweden and the design sprint in mind, we started testing prototypes with users.

The final product was quick to set up, easy to understand, and guides users for each step.

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